Twitter Troll: An Old “New” Look, Prada Disappoints, And Marie Claire’s Lady Gaga-Off

Dior_US: " - This is what started it all! The first ever Dior Bar Jacket, deemed the New Look in 1947... talk about vintage!" Ah, back when women didn't have hourglass figures, but rather dumbbell figures.
MCFashionFile: " - Who wore it better: @ladygaga or MC assistant fashion editor Jeremy Spears" Ooh, it's a Gaga off! We want a turn too...
rzrachelzoe: "Have no words for the Milan Gridlock just missed Prada and so carsick! 1 1/2 hours to go 10 miles..why does LA get such a bad rap???" We bet this is making you die (and not in the good "I DIE" kind of way).
mrjoezee: "Prada finale part 2. Check out the glasses. Love! Retro Future!" Remember this tweet from yesterday about expecting unconventional runway models that will "shake the Earth" at Prada? Yes, Prada. Victoria's Secret models are so fat that the ground trembles when they walk!
shopbop: "her name is elana We have similar feelings towards the brunette with the thick eyebrows.

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