Twitter Troll: 3-Year-Old Photographers, $35 Wedding Dress, And The Benefits Of Being Blonde

openingceremony: "How We Kick It: Team OC!" For a store named after the grandest of sporting events, we say you've got a pretty good shot.
AggyDeyn: "I can now say.... "I'm having a dumb blonde moment" .....again!" One reason to lighten up for summer...
dkny: "I did a pretty lengthy interview with @StyleCaster. If u are interested take a look! P.S. They think I'm" The tweeter behind DKNY won't reveal her name, but this interview is a great ready, anyway.
asvof: "Honestly the 3 year old photographer with her first photo exhibition is going a bit too far" :(
glamour_fashion: "Wanna see a $35 wedding dress? We've got one for you!" Saving up so you can spend the majority of money on the wet bar—we like that idea!

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