Twitter Troll: And The Oscar Meyer Goes To...

@thecoveteur: Goodbye paycheck, hello @OscarPRGirl x @THEOUTNET.
Nice knowing you, three meals a day.
@NathanReese: eating IKEA horse meat balls and sitting on my VOLMAR. #sweetlife #tuesday
So topical. So blërg.
@BagSnob: TSA has a problem with the two @WorldMcQueen knuckle duster clutches in my carry on. My response "Do I look dangerous?!"
Can't say we're surprised the TSA isn't up on the latest trends, but we have to admit, those things are pretty badass.
@OscarMeyer: We're trending! Must be a lot of sandwich makin' goin' on right now.
We just couldn't bring ourselves to burst that happy bubble (just kidding, we know it was a was, right?)
@thepop: Hello kitty @Longchamp
That is definitely the number-one item on Quvenzhané Wallis' shopping list right now.
Image: Via @thepop.

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