This Lightbulb Might Be The Ultimate Small-Space Solution

Photo: Courtesy of Astro.
Unless you're a homeowner or have a spacious, rent-stabilized abode (the unicorn of urban real estate), chances are you're not on the market for "smart home" solutions. More likely, you need furniture that fits the 300-odd square feet you call home, or clever ways to store your rolled-up socks — not automatic locks on your doors or an app-controlled thermostat. But Twist, a new product launched today by design startup Astro, might begin to change your perception of what a "smart home" really is. Twist is an LED light bulb with an AirPlay speaker inside, combining music and light sources into one item. No wires or cords — just a good old-fashioned bulb. CEO and founder Shaun Springer says that Astro's ultimate goal is to make home technology accessible, and to streamline the essential items you use every day. "We’re looking forward to designing a wide range of smart home products in the future that seamlessly integrate into a city dweller’s life," he says. Twist LEDs also sync up with the sun's patterns, delivering bluish-white light in the morning and warmer light in the evenings. The package retails at $249 — pricey for two bulbs, a speaker, and a dimmer. But it lasts for 12 years (typical LED lights last for 11) and can be plugged into any lamp, anywhere. Just think: rooftop parties. Watch the video below and see if that Jetsons life isn't too far off for you.