TV's New Wonder Woman Swaps Plastic Pants For... Jeggings?

By now all of you who've been reading the trades and sleeping on couches throughout Pilot Season are already sharpening your mental knives for the new, upcoming Wonder Woman reboot on NBC. In the plus column, it has David E. Kelley as showrunner and, from "Friday Night Lights", Adrianne Palicki at the titular Amazonian warrior. In the negative column, there's that early press image of Palicki in a a plastic costume (above, left) that seemed more Halloween or S&M play than prime time. Just that image alone may have tipped the fate of the series towards an early cancellation. But, wait, what's this? New on-set images of Palicki (above, right) show that the PVC pants of Wonder Woman's plastic super-suit have been switched out for… jeggings? At least it's a tad bit more professional. Maybe by mid-season, Wonder Woman will have evolved all the way into a nice pair herringbone slacks. What do you think, is this a true improvement? (/Film)
Image via WENN.

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