TreePeople Creating A Shadier, More Breathable L.A.

The solution to Los Angeles' ever-growing air pollution problem may be more feasible and practical than building a gigantic machine to swallow up smog, high-tech air masks, or migration to another planet. Andy Lipkis, President of TreePeople , created this non-profit dedicated to improving L.A.'s air quality, simply by planting trees. The organization has planted more than two-million trees in the L.A. Basin, and Lipkis reveals that these woody perennials have more benefits than just the aesthetic. The trees produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and create shade which lowers urban temperatures, thereby decreasing the amount of pollutants in the air. Trees also promote community by creating pedestrian-friendly spaces and cooler sidewalks, encouraging more Angelenos to walk. Imagine an L.A. with a tree lined 405, less smog, and pedestrains! Hey, with TreePeople's efforts, it could happen. (HuffPo)

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