The Surprising Health Benefit Of Running On The Treadmill

Runners across the country groaned in unison when winter weather finally hit, forcing many indoors and onto the dreaded treadmill. But, it turns out there are serious perks to running on the machine. Shape reports that a recent Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study found running on a treadmill can reverse cognitive declines due to Alzheimer’s.
Researchers found that after a 12-week treadmill program, mice with both early and advanced stages of the disease showed an improvement in their cognitive function. This is great news since more than five million Americans are afflicted with the disease, according to the Alzheimer's Association.
Running has even more brain perks, though. It helps pump oxygen to your brain, even after you’ve stopped. All in all, some good reasons to go for a jog — even if it is on the boring treadmill.
Click through to Shape for more exercise benefits. (Shape)

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