11 TSA-Approved Beauty Essentials You Need For Your Winter Getaway

Let’s just get down to it: It’s brutal outside. The arctic-like temps have officially gotten the best of us, and we just can’t seem to pull ourselves out of that January funk. So, the only effective way to conquer this beastly weather is to escape it completely and head on a vacation, right? Right.
And, since you probably like to keep your airport time streamlined, you’ve likely opted against checking a bag. So practical! The only issue is fitting your bevy of beauty must-haves into a small, see-through bag. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to. Thanks to sites like 3FlOZ and Travel Beauty, those tried-and-true daily standbys have shrunken down into TSA-friendly sizes that are compact enough to fit into any carry-on. From itsy-bitsy shampoos to teensy-tiny moisturizers, the 11 miniature products ahead are sure to lighten your load as you jet off into paradise. And, we're totally jealous.

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