What To Get Your S.O. Based On How Long You've Been Married

Wedding anniversaries are important relationship milestones. They mark the number of years since you made things official and start a new life together. These occasions carried even more emotional significance back in the day: Husbands in Medieval Germany used to adorn their wives with golden wreaths on their 50th anniversary.
While an extravagant hair accessory may not be the most practical gift in this day and age, you can certainly do a lot better than a candlelit dinner on your special day. Since coming up with a unique gift idea every year is a tall order, looking into the symbolism of traditional wedding anniversaries is one good place for inspiration.
Amber Harrison, a style and etiquette expert at Wedding Paper Divas, is here to take a deep dive into the symbolism of the first twenty years of married life — like what a paper anniversary really means — and cool gift ideas stemming from the cultural analogy. Now you'll be able to offer a super rad and thoughtful explanation while your S.O. unwraps the surprise.

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