11 Easy Trader Joe's Products To Buy In The Event Of A Mashed Potato Emergency

Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joes.
Maybe you signed up to bring the taters to Friendsgiving and totally forgot until now. Maybe you're hosting and just don't feel like working out how far in advance you'll need to boil and peel and smash. Or maybe you were planning on it and just ran out of time. We can think of all sorts of scenarios under which you might need to make a last-minute switcheroo for the traditional mashed potato dish this holiday season and run to Trader Joe's.
On the other hand, you might just be the sort to throw convention out the window — both whatever convention somehow determined that mashed potatoes are a must on Thanksgiving and the one that says you're not supposed to take any shortcuts with cooking. However much we might love those creamy, buttery mountains of white mush, we also love other things, like free time. As with so many things, Trader Joe's has you covered, you lazy genius.

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