8 Trendy (& Affordable) Plants You Can Buy At Trader Joe's

Photographed by Erica Gannett.
If you’ve ever laid eyes on any of the dreamy plant-filled apartments that are all over social media you probably turned green with envy. After visiting your local nursery hoping to recreate the look, however, it's possible your jaw dropped to the floor at the sight of those price tags. A towering fiddle-leaf ficus can run you up to $100. And that’s sans planter.
But listen, Trader Joe’s has got the hookup. Don’t worry if you’re still working on your green thumb because these plants are cheap enough to offer room for experimentation. We're talking a little-known, hidden-in-plain-sight stock of trendy and affordable plants. S0me even include their own cute planters. Trader Joe's already cornered the markets on frozen goods, cheap wine, and all-things cauliflower. Plants might just be next.
The grocery chain rotates its plant selection seasonally and offerings differ by location. So, it all comes down to being at the right place at the right time. Ahead, we scoured the internet and our local Trader Joe’s to bring you a list of plants to keep an eye out for on your next Cookie Butter run.
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Winner of the best newcomer award, before the pilea peperomioides’s popularity boomed in 2018, this plant was both hard to find and expensive. Now this easily-propagated plant can be found at Trader Joe’s nationwide for $8.99 and it includes two baby plants to share with friends (or take to your office or plant around the house).
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Along with navy blue, the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is Bobby Berke’s signature.

If you’ve tried shopping for one since, you’ve likely learned by now that those bad boys are expensive. But this Instagrammer found a nice little fiddle leaf tree at her local Trader Joe’s and online chatter suggests that they go for $6.99.
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The perfectly-lush green windowsill is like a satisfying cheese board, it’s about balance and variety. You need your extravagant geometric leaves, yes, but it’s all a too much without luscious green foliage to tie it all together. “Foliage” can be a lot of things, but at Trader Joe’s it’s $5.99.
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Japanese “Crispy Wave” Asplenium

This wavy lil’ fella has a name fit for a SoundCloud rapper. It comes in a variety of chic white planters and one Redditor found it for just $5.99.
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Dragon Plant

A bushy dragon plant is a staple of trendy apartment corners everywhere. At Trader Joe’s, they’re commonly displayed on floor-level shelves labeled "tropical plants" and go for less than $8. But this little squirt can grow up to be a set of towering stems topped with leafy pom poms (like something out of The Lorax).

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