These Recipe Hacks Will Have You Putting Everything Bagel Seasoning On, Well, Everything

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When we first found out about Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel seasoning blend, back in February, we declared it to be everything. Yes, there's the charm of the name, which is something we already knew and loved about Trader Joe's products (looking at you, Hold The Cone!). But, everything bagels are as delicious as they are because of the potpourri of flavors in the seasoning that coats it.
If you've found your Everything But The Bagel jar is mostly doing duty as eye candy on your shelf, or you've stuck to eggs and bagels and not much else, never fear. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite ways to use the seasoning on just about every dish and meal in your day. After all, nothing's wrong with a little more everything.
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Instead of simply salt, season your buttery kernels with a dash of Everything But The Bagel spice.
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Add a dash to cream cheese to make any bagel an everything bagel — or just add more to an everything bagel, because sometimes more is more.
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Drizzle salmon with olive oil, cover in Everything But The Bagel, and you have a three-ingredient main in 15 minutes.
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The coarse texture of the seasoning adds an extra crunch to the cruciferous veg.
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Why should bagels be the only bread with the everything love? Sprinkling it on the top of homemade bread and pretzels lets the whole carb family in on the fun.
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Baked Anything
Breading everything from tofu to chicken to even avocado is an easy way to make main courses or hearty sides. Add everything bagel seasoning instead of salt to kick it up a notch.
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Fried Rice
Fried rice (or, as pictured here, cauliflower fried "rice") is one of those easy go-to weeknight meals where leftovers and whatever's knocking around become greater than the sum of their parts. Don't neglect the spice drawer when you're adding things — finishing off with everything bagel seasoning adds more garlic flavor and texture.
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Avocado Toast
Even the perfect millennial food can be improved upon.
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Serve them with brunch or dinner as is, or add sour cream or another dip for a side dish.
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Switch out for regular salt in hardboiled eggs, or dust over fried, poached, or scrambled eggs.
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Mix into dressings or finish with a dash on top. We also like the idea of flavoring homemade kale chips with them as well.
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Cream Cheese & Celery
Pour on a quick shake for a flavorful twist on an old classic.

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