Tough Twisted Cornrows Get A Reboot At United Bamboo

Cornrows_United Bamboo
While it's technically only day two of the cyclone of style that is Fashion Week, we've already seen a rather sizable lump of hair and beauty looks backstage that we're sure will be dragged straight off the catwalk and into your fall look, whatever your personal-style philosophy. And, for you broads of a tougher variety, meet United Bamboo's twisty-textured cornrows. This urban classic was artfully re-upped at U.B. with styles ranging from complex updos featuring a maze of twisted locks, to wavy, tousled tough-girl tresses decked out with half-head cornrows reminiscent of last year's oh-so ubiquitous half-shaven head trend. We think that this 'do is doable, even though United Bamboo's looks were definitely more labyrinthian than most laypersons' hair-twisting talents; Just take a little light hair pomade or wax, section your hair, and get to twirling, gathering more hair in each twist as you move upward towards your crown. Secure each twist with a either a light or dark bobby pin to match your hair color, and finish with a light spritz of a reliable hairspray, like L'Oreal's Elnett. And a word of caution: Just say no to anything other than illusion bobby pins to avoid looking like a butterfly-clip clad tween from 1999.