10 Pinterest Home Trends That Will RULE 2016

We'll be honest: We spent a substantial chunk of 2015 searching for ways to spruce up our interiors. So much time, in fact, that we managed to suss out five trends that we'd be perfectly okay with never seeing again (sorry, mason jars). But, when it comes to home DIYs, the visual rabbit hole that is Pinterest offers so much more than played-out chalkboard walls and tired, chevron-printed lampshades.

The site is brimming with interior images that truly deliver, and the folks over at Pinterest gave us the scoop on what to look out for in the year ahead. Is marble wallpaper the new chalkboard wall? Are hanging textiles the new neon signs? Based on data accumulated by trending and tastemaker Pins, the San Francisco company rounded up the interior ideas you're going to want try now — and well into next year.

While we’re pretty sure some of them have already made a cameo in many homes (ahem, inky-colored walls), there are some surprising suggestions in the mix, too. Take a look ahead; we've got 10 trends to watch out for — and styling tips, too. Fire up that Pin It button.

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Scandinavian-Inspired Design
It was a big year for Scandinavian-inspired design, and according to Pinterest, the trend shows no sign of slowing in 2016. You can mimic the look by adding simple and attainable touches around your home — like exposed shelving to showcase your collections, and white furniture accents. The trick here is to keep it super-simple and pared-down.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest/MyDomaine.
Geometric Tiles
Add dimension to a small space — like a restroom — with geometric tiles. Instead of opting for the standard checkered or chevron flooring, a graphic design creates an unexpected and artistic touch. Pair it with a neutral accent like marble (in the Pin seen here), and you have a room that is both sleek and creative.
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Artisan Goods
Pepper your home with items that have meaning. Whether it's a vase from a local maker or a basket you picked up while traveling, showing off your artisanal goods makes your home feel so much more personalized.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest/Thekipiblog.
Woven Wall Decor
If you're looking to pretty up your wall but don't want to go the traditional framed-art route, wall hangings are a bold and gorgeous choice. These works of art vary in size and texture, so you can explore whatever fits your interior aesthetic.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest/Design Milk.
Gilded, Metallic Wallpaper
We have to admit, we may have predicted this one. It seems the luxe accent-wall trend is on the rise for 2016. Add a pop of gold to your home by decking your wall out in a sophisticated marble print.

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Photo: Courtesy of Aelfie.
Graphic Pillows
Tossing a graphic pillow on a sofa or bed is one of the easiest and quickest ways to tie a room together or make a quirky statement. This pillow by Aelife is playful but doesn't go overboard when combined with neutral tones.
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Photographed by Julia Robbs.
Shades Of Gray
If a subtle accent wall is more your thing, you might want to take a cue from this current home trend. Inky walls made a big splash this year and seem to be picking up steam for 2016. The great thing about this is you can really get creative with the tone. If you prefer a lighter or darker approach, it's totally your call — there's no way of getting this chic color choice wrong!
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Hidden Wires
Because no one likes looking at clusters of wires in the living room, taking a few simple steps to clean up the mess will leave your home looking picture-perfect.
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Photographed by Julia Robbs.
DIY Space-Saving Hacks
Let's be real: We all could use more square footage in our apartments. But, instead of lamenting our living situation, small hacks that save space are the way to go. Don't have a bedroom? Not a problem — turn your closet into your room, like this S.F. renter did.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest/Studio M.
Neutral Tones
Amp up the sophistication in your home by sticking with neutral shades. Keeping this palette in mind when decorating will make your place feel cohesive and grown-up.

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