These Are The Most Popular National Food Holidays In All 50 States

produced by Megan Madden; photographed by Nicole Maroon; modeled by Yuki Mizuma.
Today is National Margarita Day, which to us, seems pretty hard to top. This official holiday has booze, happy hour discounts, and this year, it's even on a Friday. Does it get any better than that? Apparently, some people think so.
Recently, a personal finance website called Simple. Thrifty. Living. created a map of the most popular national food and drink holidays in every single state across the country. To make the map, they took the list of every food and drink holiday that's celebrated in the U.S., then determined the most popular one by finding out which had the most relative search interest in each state. Given this methodology, it's no surprise that National Maple Syrup Day was the most popular food holiday in Vermont, National Clam Chowder Day was Massachusetts' favorite food holiday, and National Bourbon Day was the top drink holiday in Kentucky.
In addition to finding out which national food holiday and which national drink holiday are the most popular in each state, the personal finance site also calculated which national food and drink holidays were the most popular overall. National Pizza Day was a favorite in six different states, while National Tequila Day was top in 10 different states. Additionally, five states, including Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington, D.C., agree that National Margarita Day is the best.
Take a look below to see the most popular food and drink holidays in each state and more geography-related food holiday data.
Photo: Courtesy of Simple.Thrifty.Living.
Photo: Courtesy of Simple.Thrifty.Living.
Photo: Courtesy of Simple.Thrifty.Living.

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