Object Lesson: Top Gun

nomdeguerrejkt_instory_olTwentieth-century classics like blue jeans, tennis shoes, and T-shirts have stood the test of time, proving their tireless adaptability to new seasons, decades, and interpretations. In line with these stealth innovations is the men's flight jacket, an all-weather, all-American favorite with an adventurous attitude. Dating back to WWI when open-air cockpits called for sturdy and warm outerwear, these tough-guy jackets have held their own throughout every era (especially the Top Gun era), and still manage to catch the eye of the most innovative designers. The most recent addition to the flight jacket pantheon comes from New York design team Nom de Guerre who looked to the American wilds when designing their current spring collection and came up with this season's perfect outer/inner piece, the Deconstructed Flight jacket.
After a few months in the hangar, the Deconstructed Flight jacket emerged cleverly reconstructed, old parts replaced and new features added. The impermeable bulkiness of late has morphed into a light jersey base that extends through the sleeves and into a hood. The core of the jacket maintains the jacket's structure with a wax-cotton-twill vest sewn over the jersey. Slanted zipper pockets blaze their way across the chest and an extra set for the hands rest at the bottom. The result? An easy-going, everyday piece that brings together the comfort of a sweatshirt with the rough-and-tough personality that—no matter what—can never be altered.
The Deconstructed Flight jacket, $452, is available in navy in New York City at Nom de Guerre, 640 Broadway, 212-253-2891, and in olive in Montreal at Reborn, 231 Saint Paul 0, 514-499-8549.
Nom de Guerre takes flight with a new spin on an American classic.

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