TMZ And Starline Hit The Road With Hollywood Scandal Tour

Scandal sells and no one knows that better than online and TV gossip rag TMZ, so it makes perfect sense that they are taking their smut-show on the road--literally. Teaming up with Starline Tours (you've seen them around town ogling the Playboy mansion and The Chateau Marmont) TMZ has created a tour of Los Angeles that includes some of the most famous and infamous sites of celebrity scandals. If you want to see the Saks where Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting or the comedy club where Seinfeld's Michael Richards made his horrific racial slurs, this is the tour for you. Never-before-seen clips will accompany the driving tour from the gossip site, and though it's not on the schedule yet, we can only imagine that the locations of Lindsay Lohan's jewelry heist and Charlie Sheen's drug-fueled parties will certainly make the cut. (LAist)

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