6 Skin-Care Shortcuts When Your Schedule Is Nuts

In an ideal world, we’d have unlimited time and resources to devote to our skin. We’d luxuriate in our (massive) bathroom every evening, applying the latest and greatest complexion-savers (all housed in a perfectly organized vanity), before sinking into bed. The next morning, we’d repeat the process, dabbing on lotion after lotion while sipping a freshly brewed latte. Sounds nice, right? Cut to real life. We’re lucky if we manage to wash our face and maybe slap on some serum before crashing every night. And dealing with anything besides the bare necessities during our frantic mornings? Forget it.
But being busy doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. That’s why we tapped top skin pros for the best ways to achieve a great complexion, pronto (we’re talking minutes, people). And since choosing the right products is a crucial part of shifting your skin-care routine into the fast lane, we also got the lowdown on speedy superstars, like the Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment that peps up sleep-deprived eyes with a potent dose of hyaluronic acid. Check out the six easy tips ahead...the clock starts now!

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