The 5 Best Tarot Decks, According to Tarot TikToker Wldrthings

If you've ever felt seen by one too many Tarot TikTokers on your FYP and their too-on-point readings, join the club. Whether they're telling you your manifestations are coming true or to ditch your boyfriend, Tarot readers are a force to be reckoned with. Sav Wilder, aka Wldrthings, will definitely tell you to block that guy while giving crystal recommendations. You might have seen her pop up on your For You Page, with her 40.3K followers and 499.7K likes. And we're dying to know all the juicy details about her tarot deck collection, from her first to her favorite.
Sav Wilder is one of my personal favorites. She is a tarot reader, astrologer, and psychic medium who does live readings on her TikTok page four days a week and personal readings on her website. My first reading with Sav was truly a magical experience. I couldn't believe someone who has never met me, who can't even see me, could read my energy so well and be so incredibly accurate. Ever since, I've recommended her to everyone I know and I pop into her lives every other week for a reading. 
The double-Taurus and Scorpio moon reader has an impressive tarot collection, and she keeps adding to it! She often shares her newest decks with her live community. Speaking of, the community Sav has built is truly unbelievable. If live chat sparks negative connotations, don't let it deter you — Sav's live chats are unlike any other on TikTok. They're filled with the kindest people you'll come across on the platform. 
When I approached Sav about this story, she jumped on board for an interview. After we caught up, we went right to the meat of it: her favorite tarot and oracle decks. So, hold onto your crystal ball because the following decks are the best of the best — the ones that deserve a spot in your ever-growing tarot collection.
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The First Deck: Ethereal Visions Tarot, $23.95 $19.95

"The first deck I really connected with was the Ethereal Visions," Sav told me. "It feels safe, and it feels warm. That's what I always felt with it. I feel safe, and I feel at home here. The imagery of it, the colors of it — all of it is just so magnificent and so beautiful."
Like many readers, Sav's very first experience with tarot was the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck, but she never felt connected to it. That's where the Ethereal Visions deck comes in. Inspired by the ornamental style of the art nouveau movement, these cards are gorgeous with a gold-foil touch. While it includes a 48-page booklet with all of the cards' meanings, it's not as detailed as other decks out there.
"It kind of taught me that I can add my own flair and my own uniqueness to the way that I practice. That's what this really brought out," she said.

The Deck for Beginners: Queer Tarot, $28 $25.20

"I can't even begin to explain how many people I've recommended this deck to, whether they're intermediate or beginner," Sav said. "When I first got this deck, I felt seen."
I am proud to say that Sav was influenced by yours truly to buy the Queer Tarot for herself, thanks to my review of the deck when it launched earlier this year. This deck has the same imagery as the traditional Rider Waite but with a modern, queer twist. As a pansexual and demisexual, Sav told me she felt very connected with this deck, as did I when I first used it. It's perfect for anyone starting out, even better if you're part of the LGBTQ+ community and looking for yourself in a tarot deck.
"The imagery, the funness of it, I think it takes the fear away," she said. "And it's honestly the best tarot description book I've ever seen." The Queer Tarot's guidebook is truly a sight to behold. It goes very in-depth into each card's upright and reversed meanings and throws in some advice for the reader as well. If you're just starting out and don't know the cards yet, this is exactly what you're looking for in a first-time deck.

Favorite Deck: DreamyMoons Tarot, $65.21

"This deck feels like the big sister, like the aunt that's gonna tell you how it is. It's love, but it's also direct, and I really really like that," Sav told me. The deck won't hold back in saying exactly what it needs to say with no sugar-coating it. "I like how there is this integration of darkness and lightness. Plus, the book is also really beautifully written."
The DreamyMoons Tarot is a beautiful deck created by Australian artist and spiritual enthusiast Annie Tarasova. With its intense black background, vibrant colors, and beautiful gold foil, it's clear to see why it's a must-have in any collection. It sparked deck-envy within me as soon as I saw Sav use it in a TikTok live for the first time.
"I feel excited when I hold it in my hands, and I feel supported. I feel like I want to do a reading! It like challenges me in a good way," Sav said.

Oracle Deck For Beginners: Believe In Your Own Magic, $19.99 $17.99

"I have fallen so in love with this deck. It's also super inclusive, which I love. It has so many depictions of different body shapes and types," Sav said. "When I first used it, I have this, you know, I have my community, and they were like 'Oh, my God that looks like me.'"
The Believe in Your Own Magic oracle deck is a 45-card deck that's perfect for beginners, with its self-care-centric messages and empowerment themes. The art has a storybook vibe to it, and it's done by fairy-tale illustrator Janaina Medeiros.
"The messages are always not always positive. The messages are like 'You might have to step away from this,' which I also appreciate," she said.

Favorite Oracle Deck: Soul Whispers, $50.41

When asked what her favorite oracle deck was, Sav did not hesitate. "I've never gotten as many compliments on an oracle deck as I have with this, and the amount of DMs I've gotten from people that are like 'What is the deck you used in this video?'" she said. "This is hands down the prettiest thing I've ever seen."
The deck in question is another from DreamyMoons' Annie Tarasova's creative spiritual mind. Soul Whispers is a 33-gold-foiled-card deck filled with wisdom from our higher selves. With messages like: "Many things had to align for you to be here. The fact that you're on this Earth right now is an utter miracle," and "Listen to your spirit guides, they'll show you the way."
"If I was like at the beginning of my spiritual journey again, I think that this would have really changed a lot for me and given me the message that I needed to hear," Sav told me.
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