Mmm Savory! Guess Which Herb Can Clear Your Complexion

We've all been there: that total freak-out moment when unsightly acne, blemishes, and clogged pores arise and we reach for the benzoyl peroxide with desperation. Relax and stretch for the spice rack instead; specifically, thyme. According to a recent study from Leeds Metropolitan University, thyme was the most effective treatment for killing bacteria that causes acne. As a tincture — meaning the herb was submerged in alcohol — thyme's effects may be even stronger than your trusty drugstore products and therefore be an awesome natural alternative skin treatment. While research is still needed to determine if this new discovery is, in fact, clinically sound, we're already imagining the fun of mixing up our own fragrant DIY kitchen face mask.
All out of thyme? Marigold and myrrh were also effective tinctures for zapping zits. No word on parsley, sage, or rosemary... (Jezebel)
Would you resort to kitchen spices in a blemish emergency? Let us know your thoughts below.
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