Thwack! If Only We Had a Racket in the Office!

When Piera, our art & style director, strolled into the office today wearing a cute little cotton Lover dress and her white Keller lace-up flats, we immediately wanted to shove an old wooden racket in her hand and snap her hot little portrait for the site. Alas, we're short on sports equipment these days, so we decided instead to use her look as the inspiration for today's eBay roundup. Get thee to Paragon for that summer court pass asap!
Vintage Tennis Dress—Cute and crisp with a hint of Narciso.
Vintage Gucci Tennis Sneakers—Are you kidding me? I don't care what size you are...wear extra socks.
Vintage Tennis Visor—Remember Pony? Love the catalog inspiration board in the background. Very Delia's!

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