ThreeAsFour Unveils a Psychedelic Garden Party for Fall

The squishy ThreeasFour show at Greene Naftali gallery left us feeling like we'd taken acid at a Bushwick loft party. Collection presentations at 15 minute intervals make for ineffectual viewing, but we stayed to scan the inspired scene of Swarovski-crystal bedecked models looking like depressed aliens tending a bonsai garden. Confident straight cuts and sharp tailoring took on black and white pieces of organic wool and natural denims, challenging the design trio's signature circular construction. We were also impressed by the poetically haphazard sprinkling of deep metallic crystal accents on mesh leggings reflecting the mineral's innate geometry. Sad gardening to a live performance by Kria Brekkan was quite cool, but the best representation of a ThreeasFour collection is always worn by the talented designers themselves.