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I Live In East London — & This Is What My Flat Looks Like

An East London resident shows off her multi-level flat with an enormous walk-in closet

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In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. Today, 29-year-old Pip Jolley shows off her multi-level East London flat — with a crazy good deal.
Minimalism might have taken over a few of our Instagram feeds, but IRL, sometimes more is just fine. Or at least, that's the case with Pip Jolley and her boyfriend, who filled their two-level Hoxton home with art, antiques, and shoes — his shoes, specifically. All 200 pairs.
It's a good thing, then, that their three-bedroom home is big enough to convert one bedroom into a massive walk-in closet, with an entire wall covered in Ikea bookshelves of sneakers. "I actually put Dan on a one-in, one-out basis," Jolley says.
Still, there's not much to complain about. Jolley was given free reign in several parts of the space, with a few pointers (i.e. "Miami Vice" in the bedroom, complete with a "naughty gallery wall," and a vintage record player that doesn't quite work). The resulting space is part-industrial, part-vintage, and all personal.
"When I'm decorating a room I always make a Pinterest board and gather inspiration from all over to get a vibe," Jolley says. "Decorating your home is a journey and it will mean so much more to you if you can tell a story behind each piece. I don't think I have any rules, if you love it you can always make it work. Eclectic homes are always the best."
Look inside Pip's home in the video above.
Tour An East London Two-Level Flat With Antique AccentsReleased on December 30, 2018

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