Thousands Of Pot Plants Shut Down The I-10

Yeah, because the Freeway needed more traffic problems. No, seriously, it wasn't an army of angry fifty-foot-tall weed plants blocking an interchange on the I-10 south of Downtown that stopped traffic dead on Saturday night (though that would have been a totally awesome Michael Bay-type scene—get on that Hollywood-types). Instead it was a massive investigation at an industrial warehouse on the 1000 block of Santa Fe Avenue that afternoon that led cops to more than they bargained for—"thousands upon thousands of marijuana plants." Investigators also found coke and meth-making supplies, grow lights, and we can only assume, DVDs of Richard Kelly films. So, yeah, that's why you were stuck in traffic on your way to dinner Saturday night and, yes, all the sketchy stuff you always imagined happening in those Downtown warehouses is actually happening. 420 Times)

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