This New Perfume Smells Like...Money?

Money changes everything, right? Well, this new money-scented fragrance just might make you rich. Inspired by a Japanese study that showed workers became more efficient around the smell of money, creator Patrick McCarthy decided to infuse that papery-fresh aroma into his new perfume, Her Money. Pink grapefruit, mandarin, freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flower, and melon harmonize with the aroma of crisp bills, resulting in a balance that's juicy and citrusy, but not too sweet. There's also a men's scent for the dudes in your life, and both come packed in a box of shredded US bills. Here's to feeling (and smelling) like you're made of money in 2011. You never know, it could bring you the Benjamins.
Her and His Money, $35 each, available at Liquid Money.

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