This Is Our Jam: LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends"

How should I begin? Do I put into context how important LCD Soundsytem was for everyone in my generation who cared about music (even if only a little bit)? Do I tell a story about getting far too drunk with my friends and singing “All My Friends” in a questionably long public embrace? Should I describe being sad and alone and mouthing along when James asks “Where are your friends tonight?” It’s probably best not to try and explain why LCD Soundsytem were so special, or how music won’t be the same without them, or why James Murphy made us feel cool to get on the dance floor even if we were a nerd or a weirdo. Let’s not talk about how sincerely bummed we are that LCD won’t be making new music. Let’s just listen to “All My Friends” one more time together. That’s how it starts.
LCD Soundsystem—The Sound of Silver
"All My Friends"
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