This Is Our Jam: d’Eon, “Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)”

It’s often the case that music is described by modifiers thrown around with a certain cavalier, from-the-hip attitude. Not that this is a bad thing - hopefully describing something as "alt R&B" or "synthpop" can give context to the music we listen to. Yet there are also times when it is better just to let the Jams flowwww. This is the case with How To Dress Well's spaced out rework of d'Eon’s “Transparency,” a sexy R&B grind whose charm would be lost if we tried to give it too much context. That the original track winded up on the other half of a split with Grimes is telling though, as both artists defy genre to create something truly special. So tonight why not invite your friends over, grab a wine-cooler, put on "Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)", and chill the fuck out. (Altered Zones)

"Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)"

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