Watch: The Most Sentimental Video About Fashion Week Ever Made

In case you weren't already starting to get all worked up over Fashion Week, check out this movie trailer for The Tents, directed by James Belzer with cinematographer Marcus K. Jones. Comprised of footage old and new, and interviews with fashion icons big and bigger, the documentary chronicles Bryant Park's swan song year and the stages pedestals we build to ogle fashion. As Stefano Tonchi puts it, "what we're selling is a dream, not a garment," and, indeed, the film applies a bit of a dreaminess into what could otherwise be the nightmare of heels, traffic, and models tripping. Of course, being a real-life story and all, the doc shows the gritty parts, too— like when, for instance, the lights go off in the middle of a show, or, that time a piece of plaster hit Suzy Menkes on the head. We admit it— we're getting a bit misty-eyed. Or maybe we're just itching to get back to our "utopian village where everyone wears cute shoes," .... well, almost everyone.
Video: Courtesy of Marcus K. Jones

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