The Standard, Bing Bang, And Jason Lee All Coming To Headphones Near You

WeSC, known for it's forward-thinking streetwear, has practically cornered the market in terms of good-looking headphones, perfecting the retro, over-the-ear style without looking derivative. The Swedish company is now partnering with three very rad designers for their fall collection. First up is that Standard Hotel-themed pair that's set to be sold at every Standard Hotel, and comes with a travel case for jetsetters who have left their headphones at home. The leather-bound, perforated band and super-squashy cushions are packaged alongside wallets, a phonecase, and a luggage tag. Second in the triptych is long-time WeSC spokesguy Jason Lee, whose square-shaped offerings are inspired by the cities which have inspired him. While the Standard and Lee series are definitely unisex, WeSC tapped jewelry maker and Marc Jacobs collaborator Anna Sheffield—or Bing Bang—to create a black and gold pair of fitted, smaller-cupped headphones, emblazoned with a gold heart. Along with the headset, a small jeweled charm is meant to be worn around the wire or wherever else you'd want to clip it. Sheffield is also doing a line of jewelry due out later in the year that'll reflect the gold/black style of the headphones. The first two styles will retail for $88, and Bing Bang's for $110.

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