The Royal Wedding Barf Bag, Watch The Ceremony Without Wetting The Carpet

Sure you won't be watching the Marriage of His Royal Highness Price William of Wales with Miss Catherine Middleton. Liar. Come April 29th, you'll be sitting in front of your TV with Champagne and canapes just like the rest of us. But maybe your tolerance for British royal pageantry or repeated treacle-sweet peons to the to tale of two essentially boring rich people in love isn't as high as that of the rest of us. Well fear not, commoner. E-Comm artist Lydia Leith has created the Royal Wedding Sick Bag, perfect for that moment when BBC America has said "fairytale wedding" one too many times and that Brie you had makes a second appearance. Leith has dubbed her "Throne Up" bags as "future collectables", assuming you can keep them dry that long. Available here. (Incredible Things)

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