The Horror Continues: Ugg Christmas Stockings

Each fall, we hope and pray and wish for the demise of the Ugg, but each fall, it makes a comeback even less welcome than the flu. When the weather turns cooler, a select crop of girls turn towards the sheepskin-lined Sherpa shoe that makes them look like they've tucked their feet into hot-dog buns for warmth...until this fall. We've seen a surprisingly low amount of Ugg boots this year, and had thought that this trend might have finally been put to bed—until we went poking around Pearl River Mart this weekend and were slapped in the eyeballs with the Ugg boot Christmas stocking. Yes folks, this holiday season, you can hang one of these babies above your fireplace and wait for Santa to fill it up with zebra-patterned thongs and glitter lip-glosses. No matter what you celebrate this December, please don't choose these stockings. They're sacrilegious to the religion of good taste.

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