The CobraSnake Now Sells Vintage, Beer Stains and Sweat Smells Not Included

In case you were wondering how to get that ab-fab cropped Addidas tee Tallulah Morton's been looking dreamy in, now's your chance: Mark "the CobraSnake" Hunter has opened up a vintage section on his CobraShop, selling just the kinds of things you'd expect from the party king. Included is a reincarnation of Tallulah's top, as well as little polka-dotted rompers, oversized sweaters, and plenty of Disney paraphernalia that could only look "ironically cool" when you're a Corey Kennedy type with bed hair, neon Wayfarers, and a knowing smirk. Naturally, his models (cute party girls, Steve Aoki, and Johnny Make-up) help his cause, and do take note that the items are cleaned and laundered and made all nice for you before they're shipped! And here we thought they would come smelling like beer and Red Bull. Darn.


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