The World's Weirdest Hair Brush Is Also The Best

Spherical_brush_embeddedPhoto: Courtesy of Ricky's NYC.
Full disclosure: I am not skilled with round brushes. An unfortunate encounter with one in the second grade — I thought I could use it like a "regular" brush — resulted in two hours of unsnarling my strands from its evil clutches (I owe you forever, Mom). Needless to say, ever since, I've tried my best to steer clear of anything other than your run-of-the-mill paddle brush. Until now.
Meet the Bomb Curl Brush, which, despite appearances, is not a medieval weapon, nor a torture device. When I stumbled upon it at my local Ricky's, I stopped in my tracks. The brush was one of a kind and delightfully mysterious — the only information I could gather was from a small picture on its packaging.
Back home, brush in hand and several Google searches later, I found an upbeat little video about how to use my new device. Memories of my round-brush fiasco flooded my brain as I watched the model demonstrate twirling the brush around her ends to achieve a beachy curl — talk about the perfect opportunity for tangles. But, thankfully, there was hope for me yet: Another model with shorter hair demonstrated using the brush to build volume at the crown, similarly to how one would maneuver a round brush during a blowout. That, I thought, I could handle.
And, handle it I did. The brush was a dream to use, flowing through my hair a hundred times more smoothly than any round brush ever did. Since the tool is spherical, blowdrying my hair around its shape provided some serious volume — no easy task considering my fine hair often tends to fall flat. I even used it as a "regular" brush, using it to comb through my hair post blowdry, and was pleased to see instantaneous results in the form of added body and bounce.
So, will the Bomb Curl Brush become a staple in my at-home hair-care routine? Yes. Will it travel with me wherever I go? Probably not — I'm guessing the TSA would have a field day with this one.
Lucky Trendy Bomb Curl Brush, $16.99, available at Ricky's NYC.

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