Fella Follow-Up: ABC's The Bachelor Taps Into Our Roundup

We have to pat ourselves on the backs for this one. We rounded up a bevy of stand-up bachelors in L.A. and possibly played Patti Stanger in the process — which, we have to say, isn’t the easiest endeavor. Well, it looks like our little list was a hit with the casting agents over at ABC, too. They’ve apparently taken a gander at our good-looking guys and want in on the action. According to handful of the lads, the network phoned them to audition for the hit show The Bachelor. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we suppose?
Yep, that’s right, maybe you’ll be spotting some of our dapper dudes on the small screen. But really, don't hold your breath. We spoke with some of the bachelors (Jon Ames, Jace Levine, Dan Kotzer, Jay Schuminsky, and more!), and it looks like it’s a no-go for most. "I didn't want to be on the show, because I don't want my mom to see me making out in a hot tub,” explained Jon Ames. Fair enough. But, others are whistling a different tune. “I'm still undecided on whether, or not I'll give it a shot. I probably will cause my friends had a lot of fun joking with me after the article appeared,” says John Short. “If I actually made the show it would give them material for years,” he explains.
Well, there you have it. But, do tell — who, of our bachelors would you be most excited to see on The Bachelor? We’d love to hear.
Photographed by Molly Cranna

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