Throwback! Pete & Pete (As In, The Adventures Of) Reunite

This. Is. Just. Amazing. The cast and crew of the Nickelodeon classic, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, have reunited — and it feels soooo good! The whole gang, including both Petes — older bro Mike Maronna and the younger Danny Tamberelli — got together on Saturday, for a panel that took place at L.A.’s Cinefamily.
This was the first reunion of the entire cast since the show ended in 1996, and even Artie (a.k.a. the strongest man…in the world!) was there. The creators talked about how the cult classic started off as 60 second shorts in 1989 and how it grew into a full TV series that followed the lives of the brothers and their quirky, often mythical antics (remember when they dug out a car at the beach?). The show might have been short-lived, but these two gingers will always have a special place in our heart, and have made their way to top of our Netflix queue for the holiday weekend! We wonder which other old school shows deserve revisiting too, now that we think about it....(LA Weekly)
Photo: Courtesy of LA Weekly.

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