The Academy Is Changing Its Rules On Best Picture Nominations...Again

Once again, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is trying to rev-up its awards ceremony by making changes to the nomination rules for Best Picture. In hopes of decreasing the yawn-factor and increasing viewership after several unsuccessful attempts (including increasing nominations and hiring pretty young things like James Franco and Anne Hathaway as dual-hosts), the Academy has decided to try to make things a little more interesting by keeping mum on just how many nominees there will be in the Best Picture category. For now, all they are sharing is that the new rule states that there will be at least five films nominated for Best Picture, but no more than 10. How very vague, but is this rule all that revolutionary? We think not, but who knows, maybe it will pique the curiosity of at least a few moviegoers enough for them to tune in come March. (Collider)

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