The 6 Most Outrageous Moments At Men’s Fashion Week!

This year's Men's Fashion Week was a bloody good spectacle. Literally. While there was a lot of looks worth seeing, "Grindhouse" seemed to be required research for a handful of designers—think gore, fight scenes, and, yes, plenty of blood for tough-guy mise en scénes. Pair all that violence with big pimpin' man fur (real animal skins, not scruff), add a couple of masochistic American celebrities, and MFW 2010's outrageous moments are definitely more War, less Peace.
Chris Brown & Kanye West
Chris Brown's publicist must clearly be on team Rihanna! In a move that makes Jon Gosselin look like a Fulbright scholar, the convicted felon posed with Jean Paul Gaultier while the designer was en maquillage as a victim of, uh, domestic abuse. And if Brown was king in Milan, then Kanye reigned Paris. A paen to all things excessive, West's love for logos, bling, and acres of fur seems a tad much even for Kanye. Let's not even get started on main squeeze Amber Rose.
Evidently, PETA isn't on most menswear designer's speed-dial this year. There was a virtual zoo of vests, trenches, wraps, tunics, ties, and in one very A.L.T. moment, a Comme des Garçons's fur-lined bonnet.
If Adam Lambert got in a knock-down, drag-out fight, he might look like a model from Dsquared². Guy-liner: check. Studs, chains, leathers, and feathers: check. One of the most hideous shirts ever sent down a runway: check, check, check.
Adam Kimmel
These grotesque masks designed by George Condo accomplished many things: They saved money on models, created nightmares, and delivered a send-up of traditional beauty but ultimately distracted viewers from some fall '10's best looks.
John Galliano
Mssr. Galliano decided Sherlock Holmes was going on an acid trip. Models looking like the detective as played by Robert Downey Jr. in his druggy prime smoked pipes, wore deerstalkers, and laced up corsets before jumping ship on the Conan Doyle riff and entering in full-on Japanese ninja gangsta mode.
Vivienne Westwood
According to Westwood, the "roving vagrant" (ie: homeless person) was her inspiration, with handsome hobos parading around in slogan tees, quilted bombers, and paper crowns. Ms. Westwood was probably blissfully unaware that the collection was way too similar to "Derelicte," the fake fashion line in "Zoolander." Sadly, this isn't a movie.
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