6 Easy DIY Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Planning a Thanksgiving dinner is a huge undertaking: There's a big bird to roast, gravy to make, and potatoes to mash. With so many moving parts involved for the meal prepping, the tabletop decor can seem like an afterthought.
However, as delicious your holiday feast will be, it will taste even better with festive embellishments completing the picture. And, crafting your own decorations is a lot less complex than, say, nailing the flavor profile of your stuffing. Ahead, we've rounded up five tasteful table styling ideas anyone can pull off — even with a limited time and budget.
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Painted Leaf Place Settings

It's amazing how much a coat of gold paint can do: For instance, the fallen leaves in your backyard can find a second life as a fancy table decoration, thanks to its gilded new layer. Blogger Christina Williams has compiled a straightforward how-to for the makeover.
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Use Brown Paper As A Table Runner

Another smart trick is to forgo table linens altogether and line the center of your table with craft paper. This makeshift table runner will cost you next to nothing, and you don't need to be a crafting expert to pull it off. Check out The Kitchn's tutorial to see how you can create a stylish centerpiece with a roll, some eucalyptus leaves, and pine cones.
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Floating Candle Centerpiece

Your basic tea lights can be transformed into a wintry centerpiece with some visual merchandising tracks: Simply place them on top of a glass container filled with water. Pebbles, pine cones, and tree branches can be added to jazz things up further.
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Pumpkin Vase

If you're planning on baking a pumpkin pie, don't toss your gourds into the trash after emptying them out: They make fantastic little home for succulents, flowers, or even a dip. This tutorial from DIY Candy shows you how to whip the pumpkins into top shape for floral arrangements.
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Rosemary Place Cards

A sprig of rosemary is more than turkey seasoning: They can be turned into mini wreaths that add a touch of holiday spirit to your dinner table. Check out this tutorial by Spoon Fork Bacon to learn how to fashion a festive place card out of rosemary strands, floral wire, and strings.
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Leaf Bowl

Fall foliage is super pretty to look at. Evidently, they also make an amazing decorative bowl: Head over to Vivint to see how you can fashion this sculptural bowl out of dollar store supplies and artificial leaves.

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