A Very Thorough Ranking Of The Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Photo: Everett Collection.
Turkey and stuffing. Pumpkin and pie. Cranberry and sauce. Some things go together naturally, just like Friends and Thanksgiving episodes. For all nine seasons of the beloved NBC comedy, viewers were treated to a Thanksgiving episode focused around the chaos (and love) between Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey trying to all get-together and get the turkey on the table. Not only are they great Friends episodes, but they’re also some of the best episodes on television, too. 
However, with that being said, there can only be one best Friends Thanksgiving episode. 
So what follows is a very official ranking of each and every Friends Thanksgiving episode, by someone (me) who has watched every Friends episode far too many times on Netflix (and I guess one day soon on HBO MAX). So obviously, I am a Friends Thanksgiving expert.
With the actual Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, it’s time to accept that there can only be one best Friends Thanksgiving episode, even though they all have a special place in our television-loving hearts. Read on, and maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, with this list of all nine episodes. Whatever the case, now’s a perfect time to revisit each and every one of them.

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