A Drinking Game You Can Play With Your Cousins On Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. For many of us, its a family gathering structured by tradition: the annual ooo-ing and aaah-ing over the homemade pie, grumbling about when the turkey will be done, and, of course, the post-meal nap. But while the ins and outs of your family Thanksgiving may remain unchanged, we have not. In fact, we have grown up and maybe even spread our wings, which means Thanksgiving comes with a slew of new traditions: being asked if you’re still single, realizing how dysfunctional your family is, and nimbly trying to avoid political arguments over mashed potatoes.
The bad news is you’ll never be a kid again, blithely unaware of the undercurrents that make even a communal meal into an evening of psychological tortures. The good news is, you’re an adult now, so at least there's wine. And, if you’re lucky, you have cousins, in-laws, and siblings who are there to grin and bear it out with you.
In honor of those comrades-in-arms who once shared a kiddy pool with you and now share their G&T, we’ve come up with a game you can play in private (carefully!) to make even the most dried-out turkey more palatable.
But first, a disclaimer: We have no idea what is going to happen in at your Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. So, drink carefully and adjust the rules as needed; there’s no need for a hangover on top of that food coma just because Uncle Stew went back for seconds more times than anyone playing would care to count.

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