A Drinking Game You Can Play With Your Cousins On Thanksgiving

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Ah, Thanksgiving. For many of us, its a family gathering structured by tradition: the annual ooo-ing and aaah-ing over the homemade pie, grumbling about when the turkey will be done, and, of course, the post-meal nap. But while the ins and outs of your family Thanksgiving may remain unchanged, we have not. In fact, we have grown up and maybe even spread our wings, which means Thanksgiving comes with a slew of new traditions: being asked if you’re still single, realizing how dysfunctional your family is, and nimbly trying to avoid political arguments over mashed potatoes.
The bad news is you’ll never be a kid again, blithely unaware of the undercurrents that make even a communal meal into an evening of psychological tortures. The good news is, you’re an adult now, so at least there's wine. And, if you’re lucky, you have cousins, in-laws, and siblings who are there to grin and bear it out with you.
In honor of those comrades-in-arms who once shared a kiddy pool with you and now share their G&T, we’ve come up with a game you can play in private (carefully!) to make even the most dried-out turkey more palatable.
But first, a disclaimer: We have no idea what is going to happen in at your Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. So, drink carefully and adjust the rules as needed; there’s no need for a hangover on top of that food coma just because Uncle Stew went back for seconds more times than anyone playing would care to count.
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The Set-Up

Gather your participants (21 and over, of course), either before the gathering kicks off or via group text. The game begins when the first drinks are poured and ends when the party does, but again adjust as needed. If someone chooses to withdraw earlier, they can still giggle along with the group, but the ultimate goal is for no one else to realize the game is going on.

The Supplies: Literally whatever is being served at your Thanksgiving. (Rosé, anyone?)
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Eye Contact

This is particularly handy if there is a lot of milling around at your Thanksgiving. Whenever two participants catch eyes in a group, they take a sip at the same time.
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Word Of The Day

The group chooses a word of the day, and whenever someone is able to seamlessly work it into conversation, all other participants who overhear have to take a drink. However, if someone not in the game comments on the random word choice, the person who says the word takes a sip.
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I Don’t Want To Talk About Politics, But….

This one is self-explanatory. Whenever someone brings up a sensitive topic (especially when they bring it up as if they didn’t want to but just absolutely had to say something) take a sip. You can determine what this means for your own family, but in general, politics, whose stuffing recipe is better, and who is going to make the Super Bowl could all be fair game depending on your family.
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Any time someone says they’re going back for seconds (or thirds, or fourths) take a drink. This also goes for anyone saying, “does anyone need seconds?” It doesn’t count if a participant in the game says one of the words, but if they trick someone else into saying it, it’s fair game.
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Pour One Out For The Lonely Onlys

Any time anyone in the family, whether they are in the game or not, has their relationship status inquired after, everyone in the game sips for solidarity. Even if you’re currently in a relationship, you know the feeling. Never forget it, and vow never to bother someone about their relationship status again.
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Tech Specs

Any time anyone takes out a new iPhone (extra points for the iPhone X) or piece of technology to show off (how many steps is Aunt Debby getting these days?) take a sip. Take two sips if you’re then asked to try it out yourself.
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Football Nip

Take a sip for every person who falls asleep watching football (or whatever your sedentary post-feast tradition is).
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Just like sneaking out in high school, if people figure out what you’re up to, the jig is up and the game stops. Remember to demand a rematch at your next family gathering.
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Anna Lauren Farrell.
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