4 No-Equipment Moves You Can Do At Home

I'm gonna admit something right now — and it might come as a shock to some people. As much as I love fitness (and talk about it often), I haven't actually been to the gym in over two years. Yes, I dabble with a class here and there, but I don't necessarily want to pay for a membership when I can easily work up a sweat in my own home. That's where my new pal and YouTuber Tess Christine comes in. This lifestyle guru (seriously, she's an expert on beauty, fashion, and all things things internet ease) helped me scour NYC for the best workout you can do in your living room. It only requires learning four no-equipment moves (and being open to a quick dance break.) Not only did we have a blast learning from the experts at Chaise Fitness, I think we may have even toned an ab muscle — or six. Bookmark this page for an in-home workout that'll pump you up in the privacy of your own studio apartment.

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