Two Women Turn The Tables On Sexist Fashion Ads

embedPhoto: Courtesy of American Apparel.
It's sad to say, but at this point, it's hardly news when we see (yet another) fashion ad depicting hyper-sexualized women (or, worse, their disembodied parts). But, just because sexist images are depressingly status quo doesn't make them okay. A good litmus test? If you'd side-eye an ad showing a male model half-naked and supine, maybe that's not such a good look for us ladies, either.
Now, The Huffington Post reports that writers Holly Eagleson and Lauren Wade are throwing a light (or, some shade) on this routine objectification by re-making offensive fashion ads with male models in place of women. They took special aim at Terry Richardson's most notorious campaigns, and the charming American Apparel seen here.
Click over to HuffPost Women to see what happened — if these images make you uncomfortable, that's a very good thing. (The Huffington Post)

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