How This Farmer’s Self-Care Routine Connects Her Back To Nature

Moving to New York City was tough at first for chef Tara Thomas, who inherited her love for nature at a young age from her mother. "Nature has always been a big part of my identity," she says, "so when I moved to New York, I felt totally disconnected from that side of myself." That all changed when she found her community garden.
Being able to source fresh ingredients, collaborate with local vendors, and get her hands dirty allowed Thomas to ground herself in the chaos of the city, as well as connect more deeply with her community. "I believe healthy food shouldn’t just be for the elite," she says. "Community gardens give that opportunity to real people — especially marginalized people — because they’re not asking for anything other than you to just show up."
Through her work, Thomas has also discovered the importance of prioritizing her self-care routine: "It’s important for me to find rituals to bring myself back to myself,” she says. “I’m really loving the AVEDA botanical repair strengthening masque because it’s not only plant-powered, vegan, and cruelty-free, but it truly repairs my hair at the end of a long day.”
"My hair is my crown and I truly honor it. I didn’t always love it and I found some insecurities with it when I was younger, but growing into myself, I’ve found out who I am through it," she says. "I’m honoring my natural self and my natural hair, because it is me." Watch the video above to learn more about Thomas' story.

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