Our 13-Year-Old Hero Is Onto Her Next Project: A Clothing Line

UPDATE: Talia tragically passed away on July 16, 2013.
In case you're not familiar with Talia Castellano, she's the 13-year-old beauty blogger who's wowed us with her ability to swipe on the perfect eyeliner and work with a wide color palette of eyeshadow. Though these skills are useful, they're hardly why we think Talia is so special. Since being diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 7-years-old, this young girl has displayed nothing but resilience, strength, and inspiration for everyone who crosses her path.
While Talia has been pretty frank about the severity of her sickness — her latest video shared that she's been in the hospital for the past four weeks, facing extreme pain, anxiety, and depression — she hasn't allowed that to let her rest on her laurels. And when designer Urbana Chappa caught wind of Talia's story, she instantly wanted to help the young girl and honorary Cover Girl reach her next milestone accomplishment: designing her own clothing line.
Chappa teamed up with Talia, and without wasting any precious time, got to work on a juniors line. The designer told us that they put the collection together in about two weeks. "She was a little nervous about sketching because, you know, she’s not a designer," Chappa says. "So, I sketched a couple of pieces for her and I let her stay with the sketchbook, and by the next day, she had already sketched five more pieces."
Talia settled on the brand name, That Bald Chick. "Urbana and I talked about having it represent me, but not with my name on it," she says. And in representing her bold, brilliant spirit, the collection is filled with all the things Talia likes to wear: oversized tops, silk shirts, high-waisted pants, and circle skirts. It's fun and youthful, Chappa told us, and what's more, it may soon be found in retail store.
The new friends and design duo are hoping to bring That Bald Chick to the public and, as Chappa, told us, have the proceeds from sales help Talia's family pay for her incredibly steep medical expenses. In the meantime, we'll keep following Talia's progress and sending her lots of positive thoughts as she faces one of her most difficult times. And, in true Talia style, she does it with grace, courage, and a seriously stunning beauty look.

Photo: Courtesy of Urbana Chappa

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