Sustainable Fashion Line Bodkin Blooms at Horticultural Society

Held at The Horticultural Society of New York (and prepped in our own Refinery29 offices), the Bodkin show displayed how designer Eviana Hartman, the inaugural recipient of Ecco Domani's sustainable design award for 2009, has combined the chic and the principled. Using recycled Philadelphia tire rubber as buttons, nettle, mulberry, red maple, iris root, and boiled carob dyes, No.6 clog boots and a blessing by the Dalai Lama on non-violent Ahimsa silk, Hartman's first true show drew Kate Young, Aya Kanai, Barneys Julie Gilhart and Bodkin's former co-designer, Samantha Pleet. With a color palette of purple, slate grey, and Iranian indigo from Dubai, bamboo/organic cotton catsuits, recycled polyester fleece tunics, organic wool jersey vests, obi-belted pants, these were the perfect uniforms of slouchy gorgeousness for girls who like to look sharp while separating their plastics and paper.

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