Wednesday Links

corykennedysebastianlinks.jpgSurprise, surprise--the undisputed "It Girl" of 2006, Cory Kennedy, cleans up well (though she still smells of sweat and cotton candy). (Fashion Indie)
Take a peek at Central Saint Martins latest graduating class of freaks and future darlings. (VogueUK)
Dunkin' Donuts and national treasure Rachel Ray brew up a storm of trouble by arriving at the kaffiyeh fad three years late. (Adland)
In related Islamo-fashion news, Denmark's national radio service will sponsor a "Miss Headscarf" competition dedicated to, "Cool Muslim women who often make up a very fashion-conscious and style-confident part of the Danish street scene." (Brussels Journal)
Meet Brix Smith-Start, London fashion buyer and kook extraordinaire. (TelegraphUK)