Superfoods Are Taking Over Skin Care

Sorry kale-haters, it looks like Caesar salads will continue to be served sans romaine for the foreseeable future. The leafy-green trend is not going anywhere. In fact, kale and its superfood squad are no longer just holding court in the health-food store. Recently, salad and smoothie staples — kale, açaí, goji berries, quinoa, spirulina, chia seeds — have been making cameos in the world of skin care. Superfood serums, creams, masks, and even nail polishes are popping up like juice bars on every city corner.
We know all the good these foods can deliver when eaten, but the jury (meaning: the scientists) is still out (conducting studies) on how strongly those benefits translate to skin products. But while some skin-care brands may be preemptively capitalizing on the superfood frenzy before the results are in, the odds are in their favor.
“Traditional medications and many of our current medications come from or have their origins in natural ingredients, including food products,” says dermatologist Brian Zelickson, MD. “Honey, herbs, and licorice have been used as topical cosmetics and skin care for centuries. So, using food-grade materials in skin care has a good bit of legitimacy to it."
Ahead, we take look at the new class of superfood skin-care products.

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