Hike! An eBay Superbowl Shopping Spree!

If you read this website, your interest probably lies elsewhere than cleats, jerseys and laced-up pigskin. You might not even know that the defacto national holiday called Superbowl Sunday is this very week. Yeah, no worries, we're not exactly Sporty Spice either. But plenty of other folks in this country find it a bit of a deal. So, in our own way, we thought we'd celebrate the big game by kicking off a big football-themed eBay shopping trip. Touchdown!
Top image, clockwise from left:
Purple Drinking Helmet—Probably the main reason we can get behind sports is if we drink ourselves into enthusiasm. Beer: it always inspires team spirit!.
Steelers Coasters—Of course, if you don't have this hat handy, you'll have to make do with cans of your favorite cheap domestic brew, and who wants to stain the coffee table?
Vintage Silver Charm—If you do go a little gridiron crazy, it might help to do it with a vintage feel.
Cardinals Dog Outfit—Seeing in football jerseys—lame. Dogs in football jerseys—amazing!
Peter Som Jersey Mesh Tank—This mesh jersey material is a reminder of those games from grade-school gym class involving pinnys and locker rooms and crying. Luckily, it's stylish (and tear-free) this time around.
More pigskin picks
Lower image, clockwise from left: Steelers Wristbands—You won't really need wristbands, all you're doing is sitting on the couch and watching other people being active on your TV. But reaching for the Nachos is can be one hell of a workout.
Vintage Football Postcard—Football seems considerably less aggressive in this sweet vintage postcard. Just ignore the skull and crossbones.
Marx Brothers Football Movie Photo—Football is pretty ridiculous, if you think about it—even if this cheeky Marx brothers shot is even funnier than the real thing.
Vintage Steelers Pennant—A very '50s high school accessory, pretend your boyfriend is team captain and hang this over your bed to show you really are rooting for him!
Grass Eau de Toilette from the Gap—Who needs to run up and down the grassy field when your scent does the trick for you?

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