3 Hot Makeup Trends Modeled By A Trio Of Local PYT's

It can be hard translating runway makeup trends to reality, especially when the models walking down the catwalk look nothing like you. To help you out, we've recruited MAC’s S.F.-based senior makeup artist Louise Zizzo to show three local gals—all beautiful in completely different ways—how they can incorporate a trio of hot new looks into their very real lives. Check out our step-by-step instructions on creating the tricky, of-the-moment red eye, deep purple lip, and the perennial favorite—the sexy smoky eye—all in the comfort of su casa.
Deep Purple Lip—Although dark, moody lips are a mainstay for cooler weather, models stomping down several high-profile spring 2011 runways (Vuitton, YSL, etc.) also sported this goth-chic style. To get the look, Zizzo suggests dusting an eyeshadow a touch lighter than your skin over the edges of your lips, then putting the lipstick (in this case, MAC's Musky Amethyst hue from the new Semi-Precious Collection) on with a flat brush to create a stained effect (versus a dark and heavy drawn-on effect). Take a burgundy or chestnut lipliner (depending on your skin tone) and gently round the top of your lips and shade on the very edge of your lip to create a fuller look. Highlight just the center with lipgloss, and you're done! Since the lips are the star here, keep the rest of your face minimal, with a pinky-peach blush and pared down eye makeup to top it off.
Products: Musky Amethyst Lipstick (on all three girls); Moth To Flame Dazzle Lipglass on Jennie (upper left); Richly Revered Cremesheen Lipglass on Adelle (upper right) and Prachi (lower right). Burgundy Lip Liner on Jennie and Prachi; Chestnut Lip Liner on Adelle. All products available at MAC.
The Smokey Eye—A classic no matter the year or season, this over-the-top sexy look is made even more alluring thanks to MAC's brand-spanking new Semi-Precious Dark Indulgence Mineralize Shadow, which comes in a to-die-for emerald shade that looks amazing with any skin and eye color. To get super-smokin' eyes, Zizzo suggests first going over the entire upper eyelid (but not above its borders) with the jewel-tone shade. Then blurring the edges of the shadow with a taupe-y hue in the crease of the lid. Do the same under the lower lash line. Then add intensity with black eyeliner that is waterline-safe on both your top and bottom waterline. Next, apply eyeliner to your upper lashline, and add a good amount of mascara to complete the smolder. For the rest of your face, emphasis your brows a bit more, add a peachy-coral hue to your cheeks, and keep your lips relatively nude. And hellllooooo, Tom Ford muse!
Products: Semi-Precious Dark Indulgence Mineralize Shadow and False Lashes Mascara (on all three girls); Raizin Blush on Adelle; Semi-Precious Warmth of Coral Mineralize Blush on Prachi and Jennie. Lush Amber Lipstick and Moth To Flame Dazzle Lipglass (on all three girls). All products available at MAC.
Red Eyeshadow—Perhaps the trickiest trend to crop up on the runway in recent seasons is the use of red and pink eyeshadow, a look that, if done incorrectly, can end up making you look somewhat sickly. To combat that effect, Zizzo says it's all about adding depth to the look. Just how do you do that? First, apply the red shadow straight across the upper lid, and add a warm matte eye shadow in a soft brown or taupe hue in the crease of your lid. Then draw with a coffee-colored eyeliner pencil right into your top lashes before smudging that line to create a somewhat ombre effect. Add even more depth with a healthy coat (or four!) of mascara. Then apply non-matching shades of soft pinks to your lips and cheeks. And voilà! Monochromaticity at its best.
Products: Semi-Precious Quartz Fusion Mineralize Shadow, Soft Brown Eye Shadow, Coffee Eye Pencil, and False Lashes Mascara (on all three girls); Pervette Lipstick, Soar Lip Pencil, and Baby Sparks Dazzle Lipglass on Jennie; Internationalist Dazzle Lipglass on Prachi, Chestnut Lip Pencil, Musty Amethyst Lipstick, and Richly Revered Cremesheen Lipglass on Adelle. All products available at MAC.

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