Summer Beauty Swap: 5 Products To Get And 5 To Ditch

summer beauty product reviews
When summer arrives, we change everything. We box up our winter boots and break out the strappies. We sip chilled rosé instead of our standard reds. Warmer temps are the perfect inspiration for a beauty swap-out, because we're all guilty of letting way-old products roll around in our bags for a little too long. The absence of snow, harsh winds, and all the other winter unpleasantries calls for a major change in our beauty routine. Read on to find out which products can take a powder, and those that need their day in the sun.


1) A fresh, summer-scented multipurpose wipe. El train griminess is no match for Giovanni Cosmetic's Grapefruit Splash Sanitizing Towelettes.
20 towelettes, $11.95, available at Giovanni Cosmetics.

2) Mini dry-shampoo. Revive your locks midday with a quick wake-up. Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk Spray To Go by Klorane, $7.50, available at

3) Waterproof mascara. Due to potential germiness, mascara needs to be tossed on the reg. We like something waterproof and (foolproof!) for summer.
Lash Blast Waterproof by Covergirl, $8.79, available at CVS.

4) A no-joke tinted SPF that can really prevent what harsh summer rays do to our skin.
Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 by SkinCeuticals, $30, available at SkinCeuticals.

5) A light, pucker-perfecting balm with a teeny hint of tint.
Vita A Lip Line Smoother by Sally Hansen, $4.99, available at Ulta.


1) Heavy-duty, hardcore lip treatment used to fight the gale-force Chicago winds.
2) All-in-one balm for dry spots; we're not as prone to random acts of dryness in the summer.
3) Hair oil, because your tresses take it easy in summertime, too.
4) Nude eyeshadow palettes. Yes, ladies! It’s time for a little color.
5) Warm, wintry-scented, roll-on or solid perfume. Summer calls for something a bit more flirty, no?

Toss your new summer-worthy beauty regimen into the perfect any-day summer bag.
Knotted Handbag by Zara, $79.90, available at Zara.

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